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We make medical videos, we tell stories, we teach, we market, we pitch.

 TMG Medical is a video and media producer for medical industry businesses. Medical industry businesses communicate in lots of ways – web, video, social media, decks, animations, and print. We produce high quality work in every medium. From pitch deck, to branding, to demo videos, and marketing, we are a one stop shop. TMG Medical is a division of Thibodeau Media Group.

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What TMG medical media can do for you…

We empower you with the right media tool kit to remain competitive in your industry. By creating powerful pitch decks, explainer videos, demos, print collateral, and more, we can build your brand. Medical media includes websites, trade show collateral, executive summaries are all vital components of your company. 

What TMG Medical Media can do for your customers…

Once you have the power of good media assets, your customers will want to engage with you. Become the leader in your area of expertise by showing clear, detailed, high quality media. It’s a reflection of  your company, your work. After all, medical video and media production can be accurate and visually interesting. Take a look at some of our work for ideas. 

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