Upskill Rebrand Animation


Project Brief This rebranding project is the recipient of a 2018 Silver Telly Award winner in the Craft-Fully Animated piece for Promotional Video category. The project was written by the Upskill and TMG team andanimated by TMG animator Gregor Knell. Related Projects

Vixiar Medical | Indicor Valsalva Maneuver


Vixiar Medical hired TMG to produce this 2D animation describing how the Valsalva Maneuver allows its device to measure cardiac output as an early indicator of congestive heart failure. TMG animator Vuk Nikolic designed and animated the project. Chris Graybill is the voice over artist.

Vision Technologies and MOI


TMG (Thibodeau Media Group) produced this case study video for our long time client Vision Technologies. Vision and MOI had just successfully finished a partnership build out. The video was produced and written by Liz Thibodeau, TMG, post production by Take One Digital Media’s Dan Powell.