Upskill Rebrand Animation


Project Brief This rebranding project is the recipient of a 2018 Silver Telly Award winner in the Craft-Fully Animated piece for Promotional Video category. The project was written by the Upskill and TMG team andanimated by TMG animator Gregor Knell. Related Projects

Maritime Coffeetime – Website


Maritime Coffeetime CEO Todd Lalumiere engaged with TMG to create a brand new website for his almost 6 deep Dunkin Donuts franchises near and around Annapolis. Lalumiere knew he wanted to the site to reflect his company's core mission and values of creating relationships that meaningfully impact individual lives and our community. He most definitely did not want the site to look like donut shops but rather to attract employees who wanted to grow with his vision. The site features a custom built employment application form that is flexible and applied conditional formatting for ease of use for the applicants. TMG built this site from stem to stern with the help of our design and development team. Lisa Ray was instrumental in the backend and form programming.

1 North Wealth – Website


1 North Wealth Services CEO Jim Brennan came to TMG looking for a website refresh as he took over the reigns of the financial advising and investment management company. Our challenge was to make the site appeal on a personal level and not so much on a financial or investment level. The team at 1NW wanted to drive the point home that managing money is personal and that goals are unique. The imagery selected is meant to provoke a point of view perspective about living "the life you want to live" as opposed to images of other people living their lives. If you look at the two rotating images above you can compare the before and after for this site!